To see what we have already completed you can view our Changelog.

How to Submit Feedback and Requests

The best way to submit your own feature request is to join our Discord server and to post in the #suggestions channel.

Our Discord has ~8,000 members and is very active. The discussions there directly lead to future changes in the product and is a great way to connect with our amazing community!

Upcoming Features and Improvements

The following features and improvements are already planned or in-development and are directly based on feedback from the community and for our own vision of the product. This is a tentative list that can change at any time.

  • Meta descriptions for articles
  • SDXL fine tuning
  • Add option to upload AI images to WordPress automatically with appropriate alt text
  • Reduce “YouTube Video to Blog Post” repetition
  • Final Draft V2
  • Improve workflow around saved KoalaWriter settings and saved outlines
  • Explore possible content updating workflow
  • Add support for writing blog posts from podcasts and other sources