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  • Added new Listicle article type
  • Added new Local Places Roundup article type
  • AI images & YouTube videos can now be inserted when using the “Rewrite Blog Post” Article Type
  • Added a Download button to KoalaImages to make it even easier to download images to your computer
  • The “Extra Introduction Prompt” option is now available again, making it easy to customize the introduction style/format


  • Added GPT-4o to KoalaWriter and KoalaChat
  • Added new “Improved Readability” option to KoalaWriter
  • Added documentation for the KoalaImages API to our API documentation
  • The article Word Count is now displayed in the Details panel
  • The “Create Article From Settings” button now works more consistently
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause an error when using Claude in KoalaChat
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause the Amazon Product Roundup to write about duplicate products
  • Article and chat links in the sidebar can now be opened in a new tab when middle clicking


  • Released KoalaImages
  • Added new Ghost integration for KoalaWriter


Introducing KoalaMagnets

With KoalaMagnets, you can create a magnet and embed it on your site to grow traffic, boost engagement, capture leads, and more.

You can easily create your own magnets for any niche in just a few minutes!

There are unlimited use cases for KoalaMagnets. You can build magnets so that your visitors can generate names, travel itineraries, recipe suggestions, and more!

Click here for more details


Added Claude 3 Opus to KoalaChat. This is the most powerful Claude 3 model, and according to some benchmarks it is more powerful than GPT-4 Turbo.


Added Claude 3 Haiku and Claude 3 Sonnet models to KoalaChat


Introducing AI-Powered Editing: Polish Your Articles Instantly! 🎉

You can now effortlessly enhance your articles with our new AI-powered Polish feature. In a single click, it optimizes readability by breaking down lengthy paragraphs, eliminating repetitions, simplifying complex sentences, and more—drastically reducing your editing time.

To use it, just click the new Polish button after creating an article or opening an article from the sidebar. You can also access it from the updated Final Draft tool.

Click here for more details.


  • AI Image Alt Text Added, automatically enhancing accessibility and SEO in KoalaWriter and KoalaChat.
  • Amazon Product Image Links in roundup articles now directly link to products
  • YouTube Video Embedding now uses iframe format
  • Faster Roundup Article Creation, about 10% quicker due to optimized Amazon product image insertion
  • Improved Queue Error Handling to prevent delays from rare errors
  • Better HTML Scraping in Rewrite Mode, handling NitroPack’s lazy-loaded images and ignoring Elementor’s “Post Comments” widget
  • Links in KoalaChat and KoalaWriter now open in new tabs


  • Custom Image Styles have been released! You can now fully customize the AI images with your own styles. Please read our documentation for examples and more information.
  • Added Shopify and Webflow integrations
  • Add “Create Preset” button


  • Added new “Saved Presets” feature that allows for saving KoalaWriter settings
  • Updated article and chat deletion to make it harder to accidentally delete them
  • Improved error handling for saving articles. If there is a temporary network or database error then the user will be warned and we will retry saving.


  • Updated the Final Draft Tool – it now supports HTML input, long inputs up to 5,000 tokens, and added a Copy button


  • GPT-4 Turbo is now available for all paid users in KoalaChat and KoalaWriter
  • Released a brand new premium photo model
  • Automatic Internal Linking is now available to everyone with the Professional plan or Gold Credit Pack and higher


  • Each user can now add 25 domains for the Automatic Internal Linking Feature! The previous limit was 5 per account


  • Automatic Internal Linking has been released in KoalaWriter! *
  • Increased KoalaChat’s input and output token limits when using GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 *
  • * Requires buying a Gold Credit Pack


  • GPT-4 Turbo has been released for KoalaWriter and KoalaChat *
  • Claude 2 has been released for KoalaChat *
  • * Requires buying a Gold Credit Pack


  • Implemented WordPress integration fix for SiteGround users. If you still get a captcha in the error response please submit a ticket and ask them to whitelist our new IP address


  • Added new “Article Length” setting. Now you can easily control the length of articles in KoalaWriter!


  • Added new “Watercolor” image style


  • Claude is now available as an option in KoalaChat!


  • Increased rate limits for paid users
  • KoalaWriter now automatically upgrades to the GPT-3.5 16k model to avoid exceeding the context limit as needed


  • Bug fix: Implemented a workaround for an intermittent error with our Amazon data provider
  • Further improved reliability of fetching YouTube data
  • Further improved handling of OpenAI API timeouts


  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue that popped up in the last 2 days where users in some locations were sometimes unable to use the YouTube Video to Blog Post feature
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue introduced in our previous update where a long TTFB response from the OpenAI API triggered a several minute delay in our backend retrying logic


  • Major Feature Release: AI Images & YouTube Videos in KoalaWriter
  • We completely revamped our AI images. We changed providers, redid the prompts, and completely changed the architecture of our background image processing. It is now higher quality, faster, and more reliable.
  • We also added new image styles that you can use both in KoalaChat and KoalaWriter. The styles we now offer are: illustration, photo (default), fantasy, anime, and isometric.


  • Released an early prototype of a new tool that will eventually be integrated into KoalaWriter. It uses a custom fine-tuned model that is specifically designed to remove repetition, split paragraphs into 1-2 sentences each, and remove conclusion paragraphs from text:


  • Added new “Amazon Single Product Review” article type
  • Added Export Articles button to Library page
  • Added bulk article moving on Library page
  • The Background Information now allows scraping URLs
  • Custom Outline length has been increased to avoid cutting off very long custom outlines


  • Added new “Rewrite Blog Post” article type
  • Added new “Background Information” setting on sections. You can find it when editing or adding a new section in the Outline Editor. Use this to add information that you would like the AI to be able to use when writing the section
  • For the YouTube Video to Blog Post mode you can now use videos with non-English captions
  • The “Extra Section Prompt” should now work better. Previously it would sometimes interpret the prompt as data to be used in the article and not instructions. We improved the prompting on our end so that the prompt will now be better interpreted as instructions and won’t leak into the output
  • The free trial is no longer limited to 500 words per article


  • All images produced by /dream are now automatically optimized and should only be around ~100kb. The quality should be virtually identical to before.


  • Added new aspect ratio and dimension controls to /dream (eg /dream 16:9 latte). Please use the /help command in KoalaChat to read about how to use them.


  • Added new “Create Article From Settings” button that allows you to easily copy over the settings and outline from an existing article


  • Added automatic internal linking
  • Added /description KoalaChat command to generate SEO-friendly meta descriptions from URLs or target keywords
  • Added new “Disable Introduction” and “Disable Conclusion” settings


  • Added delete button for articles in the queue so you can delete individual articles
  • Added duplicate section feature on the Outline Editor
  • Added error message when there is a problem creating the outline (the most common issue being that the user is out of credits)
  • Added note on the Article Queue page when the user is out of credits
  • Added “Rewrite Captions” feature to the YouTube Video to Blog Post articles to prevent any plagiarism


Added Projects feature and new Library page for KoalaWriter!


  • Replaced the “Integration ID” field on the bulk writer with a dropdown so that it is easier to select the WordPress account to automatically publish to.
  • Added a “Custom” option to the “Tone of Voice” setting to allow setting a free-form tone of voice.


GPT-4 is now used to create article outlines even when GPT-3.5 is selected. This often results in much higher quality articles. We are using the new June 13th version of GPT-4. When GPT-4 is selected, we are still using the March snapshot at this time.

3/30/23 – 6/16/23

  • YouTube Video to Blog Post article type
  • Added “Include Key Takeaways” option which makes introductions more concise and adds a Key Takeaways section
  • Added a FAQ section that automatically pulls in related questions from People Also Ask, Related Searches, and more (with proper schema)
  • Added option to choose other Countries for the real-time data and AI-Powered SEO Optimization data sources
  • Bulk article writing
  • SERP filtering options for real-time data in KoalaWriter (including Google Scholar integration!)
  • Added support for multiple WordPress site integrations
  • Allow renaming Chats and Articles
  • Added AI-Powered and Manual SEO Optimization options to make it easy to include LSI keywords and improve SEO scores out-of-the-box
  • Add “refresh” button to the Outline Editor
  • Allow going back to the Outline Editor (instead of going back to the main Writer page)
  • Add “undo” button to the Outline Editor
  • Allow editing the section names directly in the Outline Editor
  • Allow putting extra prompts for sections individually
  • Allow choosing Amazon products and changing the outline for Amazon Product Roundup articles
  • Add extra prompt input to easily customize the Outline
  • Store and display the article settings (like keyword, tone, GPT version, etc) so you can reference them
  • Add confirmation before deleting article/s
  • Add Point of View (1st, 2nd, 3rd) into the article settings
  • Add option to disable adding sources when real-time data is enabled
  • Finalize and add documentation for a public KoalaWriter API
  • Look into some reported issues with languages being written in the wrong language or not using the proper words such as when using UK English
  • Look into reported issues with the article stopping midway in the middle of a sentence
  • Add ability to change email address
  • Show subscription and LTD credit reset dates